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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

UPDATE on Madi's (Minnie) recovery

UPDATE  Madie aka Minnie went home  9/29/2010 about 55 hours post surgery!  I'm doing a happy dance...praising God!  She is hurting a lot, but she got up and walked to the dinner table with the family...didn't stay long....went back to bed shortly...but I'm totally amazed by this strong little girl.

UPDATE: 10/1/2010  My son just said Madi had a good day, she's doing better today cutting back on the meds more and moving a little less ginglerly.

I want to Thank each & every one of you who are praying!  THANK YOU ALL!!!!

UPDATE: 10/13/2010  Madi is doing very well. I just talked to her via the computer VIDEO link up just now! She is back in school and will have her staples removed this
next Monday...they are taking her to surgery to do it. The doctor was so
cautious about the aftermath infections she had after last surgery,
that he used staples this time (thinking that her little body is
allergic to the disolving stitches that were used last time.) And he
left the staples in a lot longer than usual, so she has to go to OR to remove
them.  But Praise infection so far!!!

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  1. Thanks for the update, glad she is doing so well! Praise God is right!!