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Saturday, August 13, 2011

(2011 Card #94) Bookmark

This card has been posted before, so you can Just ignore the was entered back in June for STVFRIJH2. But now I'm finally sending it to my Dear DIL for her birthday and I just made this bookmark to go with it.
For the BOOKMARK I stamped on recycled plastic packaging with black Stazon then turned it over (so it wouldn't smear the stamped image) and colored inside the lines with colored Sharpie pens. I then put it through my laminator so nothing will ever smear!
Stamps: Hope Grows by Theresa Momber
StampTVSTVFRILM4 - Make a Bookmark

This is the inside of the card.......
     I'm just a little scatterbrained right now! Since I found out that ......    Donna Downey is coming to our valley to hold classes I've been on cloud 999,999,999!!!!!!!!!

Sooooo here's my problem I forgot to send my daughter-in-law her birthday card...then to add insult to injury I called her on her birthday but didn't wish her a happy birthday....oh no I was just squealing and gushing about Donna Downey coming to town and getting to take DD's classes....and asking my DIL to send her daughter's Inspiration Art Journal (so I can show Donna Downey because my GD & I watched her Inspiration Wednesdays videos every day that I was there visiting and that was the Inspiration for our Journal)  For my GD's Journal  I helped her make a Canvas cover & Gesso'd cardstock for the signature pages inside. My GD Decorated the cover with her own artwork, and she did the sewing of the canvas (she had just gotten her first sewing machine for her 9th birthday...did I say she is very crafty!!)  Then a couple of days later it HIT ME LIKE A TON OF BRICKS   I totally missed my DIL's Birthday!!!##!!!    Can you ever forgive me sweetie????
I will do another post with px of her journal if that's ok with mom.

Oh, did I mention that I am OVER THE TOP  EXCITED!!!! 

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  1. i'm loving that book mark and card, lagene! enjoy the dd classes:)