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Friday, July 13, 2012

Cracked Glass Technique, What not to do!

First, this is a sneek peek of one of 5 stamp sets to be released next week at Mark's Finest Papers a Heinrichs Co.

This week on Mark's Finest Papers SpeedyTV we had a Tutorial on making Cracked glass.
You can see the tutorial at
When you get there click on  Challenge #7 - 2012   Oh yes and don't forget to join in on the Challenge & you could win the stamp set that is in my post above this one!
  This is my second attempt at this technique (I Love this technique!)
So my first card looked just like this one except for a few things I discovered I shouldn't do, I'll show you my
 Dos & Don'ts.

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so look at the picture of the comparison below.
Do use heavy cardstock                          If you use lighter weight cardstock then
Do use dye ink for crisp image                     Don't use quick dry clear glues.
                                                                               Don't heat emboss the images                                                                                                   before doing the Cracked Glass Technique.

Here is a picture of another project using Mark's Finest Papers 140 pound premium cardstock and I used Helmar's 450 clear glue.  As you can see there was not an issue with bleeding through the paper.
One more hint: After going over your "cracked heat embossed image with die ink to get into the cracks, to take off the excess ink from the surface: first swipe the surface with a dry paper towel or soft cloth & then swipe with a soft cloth that has alcohol on it, that will remove the excess ink from the embossed surface.  (my pepper image was quite pink all over before the alcohol cleaning)
Good luck in your endeavors.

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