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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Granddaughter's Celebration of your support!

Hey Texas StampTv Ladies who have been prayer Warriors for my granddaughter Minnie.....I will be in TX in Nov and Minnie is going to have a scrapping party to scrap the lovely cards she has received from many of you and many StampTV friends across the USA and Australia & Malaysia!  She wants to meet some of you ladies who sent cards and or prayed for her!
So the date & contact info is on this invitation made by her talented Mom!  We so hope you can come.... God has blessed this wonderful family through wonderful caring people like you!

She also wants to thank the many of you from StampTv & a multitude of others who have lifted her up in prayer over the last year through the biggest surgery of her young 9 year life!  UPDATE:  She has just finished a 6 week home IV antibiotic regime and is on followup oral regime. She has some new pain in a knee.  Overall she is doing amazingly well....God is good!  Praise to the Great Physician!

I know that Janice is over seas on her mission work and can't join us, but I hope to see the ones who met last year and hopefully more of my StampTv friends who have been praying for Minnie!


  1. I love the invitation! I am so glad your granddaughter is doing welli will try to make it as this is more feasible since it is the weekend!

  2. Donna, thanks for the invitation, but I am unable to attend. have a wonderful day full of blessings. it is so good to know your granddaughter is doing well. Pattie

  3. I wish I could go Lagene, but i can't can't! I so appreciate you thinking to invite me and I hope you all have a terrific time, so much to celebrate! (his invitation is beautiful! :)